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  • A Team Dedicated to HOA management
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Bigfork-based Montana Community Management Corp. is owned by Jeff and Lois Evans.

Jeff is a 25-year veteran of property management and has specialized in services for HOAs since 2006. Jeff worked for Highlands Ranch Community Association, the largest HOA in the United States, with 24,000 homes and large recreational and community centers. A certified manager of community associations (CMCA), he has overseen the physical, financial and administrative needs of single- and multi-family communities of all sizes.

Lois offers clients 36 years of experience in financial planning and communications.

Our Core Belief

Do it right. We work hard to turn belief into action and back up our work by giving our clients the right to cancel.

Align our Goals with our Clients’

Every association is unique. At Montana Community Management Corp., we invest the time and energy necessary to truly understand the needs of your association and its board. Then we provide guidance based on how to best serve your community’s goals.

Choose the Best Vendors

We recommend independent vendors that are well suited and well priced for the job. This unbiased approach keeps our goals aligned with yours.

Be There in Times of Need

Montana Community Management prides itself in being there for clients when they need us most — whether it’s fixing a leaking roof, dealing with a delinquent homeowner, or helping with restoration after a flood or fire.

Take a Long-Term View

We focus on doing what is needed to provide quality services and protect the long-term value of your community.

Maintain a Respectful Environment

Association members and boards want to be treated fairly by their vendors; vendors want to be treated fairly as well. We treat everyone who works with our business — client, employee or vendor — with the respect they deserve.